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Welcome to a new world; to a new reality. In this saga of eight novels, the Alarai Chronicles, you will discover life as it could be, not as it is. Welcome to high adventure and a life of discovery that knows no limits.

So you don’t fit in. No matter your education, the social media you frequent, the bars or clubs you hang out at – in spite of all that and more, something isn’t right. Maybe you don’t feel accepted by your peers…on the other hand, maybe you aren’t interested in being accepted by your peers and it’s all pretend. But, you are supposed to belong. Aren’t you? After a period of fighting it you accept that it’s true. You don’t belong. Can’t belong to matter how hard you try. Those around you pick up on that and you are left out. You make them uneasy, even nervous. Out in the cold, and don’t know which way to turn.

Okay, chill.  What if it isn’t just you? What if people or powers you are totally unaware of are actively shaping your life? Know far more about what makes you tick than you do? It’s true. It’s real. Welcome to the company of those who are awake.

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