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Welcome to a new world; to a new reality. In this saga of eight novels, the Alarai Chronicles, you will discover life as it could be, not as it is. Welcome to high adventure and love that knows no end.

Many of us have said at some point, “Who am I? What am I?” Self discovery rests at the very heart of this series. Not self discovery on a therapist’s couch, but in the field fighting to stay alive when pitted against forces that would tear a world apart. In this saga, faced with Hell itself, the men and women making it happen discover who and what they are. Not how they were labeled by others, by life, or by their own fears. Over time a fight to survive strips a person down to the core. In some cases, what remains is not a pretty sight. But here, in the Alarai Chronicles, through it all, the people prosper and find love that cannot be overcome. It is, the story is, a modern Pilgrim’s Progress.

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