The Alarai Chronicles
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About Ardent Publishing

We are dedicated to publishing works of science-fiction
that meet certain standards. The novels must be:


  • Well-written and edited
  • Original, not derivative
  • Science based
  • Entertaining

We believe each book in The Alarai Chronicles meets the above criteria. It is meaningless to us whether the series is labeled "Science-fiction", or "Fantasy". The series is, after all, “fantastic” in the truest sense of that word. If all scenes are not based on contemporary physical knowledge, they do hew to the logic of science. Our universe is based on the inescapable, pure, logic of creation, most of which remains undiscovered. It has happened, we are here, therefore it is logical and open to understanding.

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"Every compulsion is put upon writers to become
safe, polite, obedient, and sterile."
- Sinclair Lewis




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