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Exile To The Stars – Book One

Jeff Friedrick s world is crumbling. Forced into a duel, nearly killed by a gang, out of a job, and nowhere to turn. Trying to find some peace, he hikes into the mountains and is knocked unconscious during an earthquake. Awakening, Jeff suddenly realizes that the land is totally unfamiliar. Confused, starving, uncertain which way to go, he stumbles out of the mountains and into a new world. An immense, untouched continent, the Northlands of Aketti pose risks that Jeff has never faced, or imagined. The inhabitants, the animals, the land itself all threaten to kill him. Alone, desperate for hope, he finally meets a people who are willing to take him in. This is the story of a twenty-first century man, an anthropologist, challenged to survive the elements and a radically different society where academic credentials mean nothing. Aketti is a primitive world where a man is no better than his word, and no better than his willingness to defend that word with whatever weapon is at hand. At the same time, life is uncomplicated. You always know where you stand. Just don t forget: there is no safety net. People who are not what they seem, animals that are much more than that, battles that span a continent, discovery of power, and a state of love that Jeff had given up ever finding all intermix in a fast-paced adventure that spans two worlds.

Songs Of Deep  Green – Book Two

The Northern Kingdom has survived the first Salchek onslaught,a winter-long siege. Now the kingdom needs allies to survive what is yet to come. Jeff and Carl set sail for Zomar, bordering the Great Southern Ocean. They soon come to understand that this ocean is in no way similar to any ocean on Earth. Blown far south to the tropics, the men make a discovery that changes life forever.

Jeff and Carl understand that their best hope to win the war with Salchesia is to find a strong ally. Yes, they won the first battle, but a battle against only a small fraction of the Salchek Army of Invasion. There is only one nation that is strong enough to be an effective ally—Zomar. Bordering the Great Southern Ocean in the west, it is a land of mystery, intrigue and welcomes no one. Yet, whatever the risks, it is either Zomar or the Northern Kingdom will have to go it alone.


The Devil Take You – Book Three

In Volume II, SONGS OF DEEP GREEN, Jeff and Carl trek to the west coast city of Hochberg, and sail for Zomar in search of allies. There, deep in the ocean, they meet La’ani and Fiala of the Pelohahani. The desire to linger in the tropics is strong, but their mission is urgent. Sailing to Zomar, they become embroiled in a web of intrigue and civil war. Fighting for their lives, the men risk everything.

Surviving a near death experience in Zomar, Jeff and Carl set sail on the return trip to Hochberg with new allies and new hope.
On the way they stop at Tonupu to meet with the Pelohahani. The mood is somber for there are partings, and shortly before they are to sail the great wolf Balko is pursued and nearly killed by a pack of large saurians. Terrified by the dinosaurs, the men charge into a night-long battle to save their companion.
Jeff works the Gilnora hard on the way north to Hochberg, for he has a strong sense that something is very wrong with his wife, Zimma. He also wonders how she will react to the women on board. Zimma has a volcanic temper.
Their path north is dogged by a Morlock, the most vicious predator in the ocean. A storm serves to confuse the Morlock, and the hope is that they have escaped for good. Then, one gray morning following a second storm, the Morlock attacks when least expected. A battle to the death follows, leaving the Gilnora little better than a drifting derelict.
Limping into Hochberg, they are met at the pier by Helwin and Zimma. Zimma is furious with Jeff when she sees one of the women, explodes into fury, and shatters a basic tenet of marriage on Aketti. As a result she nearly dies. Determined to be with Zimma, Jeff visits the home she is recovering in. There, with darkness settling, he encounters such death and evil that all living things in the area suffer, wither and die. A demon lord has come to take Zimma.
There is much more to this story of extreme adventure, devoted love and the un-dending battle against profound evil. Enjoy the full details of their adventures, in Volume III of The Alarai Chronicles, THE DEVIL TAKE YOU.
This is a story that will not let you go, but will draw you deep into the intrigues and battles of Zomar, the jungles of Tonupu, and the oceans of Aketti.

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